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How to invite new users and determine user permissions

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Reveall is built for teams and born out of the belief that collaboration is key to really understanding your customers. Inviting other users to the platform, finding information within your repository, and sharing maps and insights with others are some of the features that allow you and your team to collaborate more effectively.

Inviting users to Reveall

There are 3 different types of user permissions within the platform:

  • Admins: Create, edit and delete any content within the platform & manage workspace settings ( user & tag management)

  • Contributors: Create, edit, and delete any content.

  • Read-only users: View Maps in your environment

You need to be an admin in order to invite other users to the platform. If you're not an admin, just ask an account admin to send the invite (or ask them to make you an admin! 😉).

To invite users:

  1. Click to "My Account" button on the bottom left corner of your screen

  2. Click on “Workspace settings"

  3. Select “User Management”

  4. Click the "Invite more users" button in the top right.

  5. Enter the email address, set the permission and add a note to welcome your new user!

Every plan within Reveall offers unlimited read-only users, so don't hesitate to invite others to see your research and findings!

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