Managing Categories and Tags

How to manage categories and tags in an effective way

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With everyone adding data and insights, you need to keep an overview of it all. Reveall makes this easy through custom categories and tags. Keeping your categories and tags clean and consistent is important for making it easy for others to navigate your research repository.

Choosing the right categories and tags

Choosing the right categories and tags is important and depends on your company's processes and goals. We recommend to sit with your team to figure out the best categories and tags for your usecase!

Managing categories and tags

In order to manage categories and tags, you need to have admin permissions.

1️⃣ Click to "My Account" button on the bottom left corner of your screen.

2️⃣ Click on “Workspace settings"

3️⃣ Select "Tag Management"

Here is the tag management page, you can manage all your tags here. On the top right, you can search for tags by entering the keyword into the search bar or add tags and categories via the buttons. When adding these, just assign the title, the colour code (for categories) and the parent category (for tags).

In the overview table you can see which tags belong to which categories, when they were created and how often they have been used. You can also edit and delete individual tags.

To merge existing tags, select two or more tags and click '+ Merge' to merge them. This is useful when you have multiple identical tags that are being used. You can also click "+ Add to category" to add one or multiple tags to a category.

That's it for now, happy tagging! 😁

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