Setting up a project in Reveall is easy! Watch the video below for a quick tutorial or read on below the video for a written description of the steps to take.

Setting up a project

To create a project, simply click the Projects tab on the left menu and then click the 'New Project' button on the top right. When creating a project, you can choose a template (these can be edited by admins under ⚙️ > General Settings > Templates) or simply proceed with 'no template' and then add a title before clicking 'Continue' to create the project.

When you create a new project, you start by filling out the 'Project details' page. Here you can:

  • Add a start and end date (end date can also be set to 'ongoing').

  • Add a location, if relevant

  • Edit the title

  • Edit the description (this is the part that would be templated if you selected a template when creating the project).

  • Add tags (everything you create within the project will inherit these tags - you can always change them later or on individual data points and insights)

  • Add contributors (must be users on the platform)

  • Add attachments via file upload or outbound links.

Now that you've created a project, it's time to start adding your data so you can analyze it. 👇

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