If you've added data and created findings, it might be time to start reporting on your learnings. That's right, it's time to create some insights! Here is a quick video to guide you through it, or read on to learn more about the comprehensive amount of options available when creating an insight.

Creating an Insight

Editing an Insight

Finding & Sharing Insights

By creating insights in Reveall, you can connect the dots between findings, report on your takeaways and tell the customer story behind the data.

What is an Insight?

Insights are reports you create to summarize and share your learnings with your colleagues and other stakeholders. They're a great way to connect the dots between findings and report on the voice of your customer.

Creating an Insight

There are a few ways to create insights within Reveall.

  1. Create the insight from the Findings tab

Go to the 'Findings' tab on the left menu. Here you will see an overview of your findings, search for relevant findings through the search bar and by using filters. Select findings by clicking the checkbox in front of the findings.

When you select one or multiple findings, you get the option to turn them into an insight or to add them to an existing insight.

To create an insight, click the blue 'Create new Insight' button at the bottom of your screen.

Then you simply need to add a title. You'll see the findings you selected in the pop-up. Click 'Continue' to create the insight.

2. Create the insight from a finding drawer

In a finding drawer, simply go to the 'Linked Insights' section and use the '+ Add to Insights' button to turn your finding into an insight.

You can turn your finding into a new insight by clicking 'Create new Insight'

or by adding it to an existing one, using '+ Add to Insights.'

3. Create the insight directly from the Insights tab and add findings later

Don't have enough findings or prefer to start with creating an insight? No problem, you can create an insight directly and add the findings later.

Go to the 'Insights' tab on the left menu and simply click the 'New insight' button on the top right.

Editing an Insight

Once you've created an insight, it's time to actually create the insight by adding and editing the content, findings, next actions and more.

You can add a header image, select the category and set the date. Your insight will regularly auto-save but it's always best to play it safe and click the 'I'm done editing' button on the top left when you're done. You can delete the insight by clicking 'Delete' on the top right.

Note: When you first create an insight, you will be in draft mode. To publish the insight for others in the platform to see, click the 'I'm done editing' button on the top left and then on the top right, click 'Publish' or 'Publish now'.

The goal of an insight is to share your findings, write down your conclusions and think about what your next steps are going to be. The best insights tell a story. To help you do that, Reveall allows you to add all sorts of different content to insights.

To add content anywhere within in insight, click the round '+' icon.

You then get the option to add text, images, videos, links, next steps, quotes, gifs and other files.

All of these are pretty straightforward. Simply click the element you wish to add and either fill in the information or upload the file you'd like to add.

When selecting any block within an insight, you can either change it's position by moving it up or down, edit it or delete it via the relevant icons.

If you are creating your insight within a project, it will automatically inherit the tags you set at the project level, If you have created a standalone insight, you can add and edit tags near the bottom of the page. (delete?)

At the bottom of every insight you can also add (more) findings, files, links and contributors via the relevant buttons. You can also assign the insight to a project.

Are you satisfied with your insight? Click on 'I'm done editing' in the left corner of the screen and it will be ready for publishing!

Finding & Sharing Insights

Once an insight is published, chances are you want to make sure it can be easily found and shared with others on your team.

Sharing insights

After publishing your insight, you can share it with others via the 'Share' link at the top right of the insight. Once you click it, a window will pop up where you can copy the unique sharing link, which you can then share with anyone.

Anyone with access to the link can view that particular insight. If you want to share more content with others you need to create multiple links or invite them as a (read-only) user to the platform.

You can also export your insight as a PDF by clicking the Export as PDF link in the top right. Please note that dynamic files such as videos and Gifs do not work on PDFs.

Finding insights

If you would like to find insights within Reveall, simply navigate to the 'Insights' tab on the left menu. Here you can see all the insights your team has created. Use the search bar and the categories / tags as filters to find specific insights.

You can also choose between a grid-view and a list view of your insights by clicking the view buttons.

Insights within Projects (delete?)

Finally, if you created an insight within a project, you will be able to see that insight in the overview of that project.

Navigate over to 'Projects' and select a project in which you have created an Insight. Within the overview of that project, you will see all associated Insights and an aggregate of all the next steps added within the insights that were created in that project. This way, you have an overview of all the next actions related to your project!

Now enjoy creating those insights and sharing your findings!

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