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Reveall is designed to help you deeply understand your customers, prioritize product opportunities and create alignment across your company.

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Discovery & Repository

Whether you're a product manager, a product lead, a designer, a researcher or a CXer, Reveall is designed for teams that care about being customer-led.

Features in Reveall are grouped under ‘Discovery’ or ‘Repository’ so that you and your team can easily navigate through Reveall based on your use case.

Reveall Discovery

Reveall Discovery enables you and your team to easily define, validate and prioritize your biggest product opportunities, link them to your key outcomes and align around the most effective solutions

Outcomes 🧭 - identify goals and OKRs

Opportunities ⭐- list customer problems, needs and desires, validate with insights from the Reveall Repository and prioritize based on ‘impact’ and ‘confidence’

Solutions ⚡- define features & product ideas, validate with insights, and prioritize based on effort.

Maps 🗺️

Journeys: track the customer experience throughout your journey and highlight key priorities.

Roadmaps: create and customize visual roadmaps using actual data within Reveall.

✨Our Discovery features are underpinned by our repository features, enabling you to quickly and easily access the customer insights you need to validate and prioritize ideas.

Reveall Repository

Reveall Repository enables you to centralize data, analyze your findings from that data, validate these insights and from there prioritize your product decisions.

Data 📥 - data can be added by writing a simple text note, uploading a video, or audio file and transcribing it, or setting up a Zapier connection.

Insights 💡- After you added your data, create a customer insight and write your conclusions.

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