If you've added data to Reveall, then it's time to start turning that unstructured research and feedback data into clear findings that your team can easily digest, share and act upon.

Pouring over customer research and feedback involves dealing with a lot of content. Pages of notes, interview transcripts and industry reports. If you're used to research, then you probably can find your way around all that data pretty easily, but most people in your company might struggle with information overload. That is why Reveall allows you to highlight the most important pieces of information within your data so that you can distill and synthesize it into clean and actionable findings.

What are Findings?

Findings are key pieces of information within your data. It can be a specific response in a survey, a quote in an interview or a particular statistic in a report. Findings aren't necessarily conclusive in and of themselves, but they represent important takeaways from your customer research and feedback.

Creating Findings

Creating findings couldn't be easier! Within your data, all you need to do is highlight any piece of text and click the 'Create finding' button to turn that text into a finding. VoilĂ !

Then, simply click the highlighted text to view the finding, your finding will pop out as a drawer.

Once you've created your finding, you'll see that the text you highlighted will be in the description of the finding. You can now add a title, edit the description, seamlessly bulk tag findings, and assign a sentiment.

You can also link your finding to the relevant theme or create a new action based on that finding!

Organizing Findings

If you want to see all of the findings within the platform, navigate over to 'Findings' on the left menu. Here you can see a repository of all of your findings from across all projects.

Use the search bar and the categories/tags as filters to search for findings that share similar features.

The next step is to select related findings and to create an insight out of them!

And don't forget to add Actions to show your next steps!

=> Read about creating an insight.

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