In this article we'll keep you updated with all new releases and improvements on the Reveall platform. If you're curious about what we're planning to release next, take a look at our plans here.

Start of November 2022

✨ You asked, we delivered

We’re happy to announce a major upgrade to our text editor in your Data notes

- an improvement we prioritized after receiving feedback from our users ❤️

With our new editor, you can now visualize and format your data by:

  • Attaching (drag & drop) images and videos

  • Formatting your text any way you want (bold, italic, strikethrough, headings, bullet lists, numbered lists, quote blocks, etc.)

  • Copying and pasting formatting from external sources

  • Adding links

  • Adding and editing tables

Now visualizing your quantitative data is easier than ever 😎

Start of September 2022

Introducing product themes and more! 🚀

Hello, product themes 🤩 Goodbye, time-bound projects 👋🏻

We're very excited about this one: you can now group your data, findings, insights, actions, and journeys together in 'Themes'. It no longer needs to be related to a specific project, which is usually time-bound and quite simply doesn't always apply when it comes to research and product management.

Themes will give you more of an overarching understanding of how your customers are feeling and what they're thinking, which you can then use to make truly informed product decisions.

Workflow Improvements

In addition to themes, we have made big changes to how you can work with data in Reveall! You can now add your data to Reveall outside of projects - in the new and shiny ✨ data tab! ✨

This means your data doesn't necessarily need to be linked to a specific project anymore, and you don't need to be in edit project mode to view or add it 😏

You can now neatly organize your data with tags and tag categories, seamlessly bulk tag findings, create and edit data without leaving the page you’re on and stack data for better navigation!

Hey, there’s more, keep scrolling! ⬇️

Tagging improvements

You can now add tags to data, auto-inherit tags from data to finding and add tags in bulk to findings.

Drawer stacking

Whenever you create a finding within a data note or an action within a finding, they’ll pop out as a drawer that neatly stacks over the previous drawer

This way, you can then easily click between drawers, ensuring a seamless and efficient workflow. 🤩

Find more info (in this article), or try it out yourself!

End of June 2022

Prioritize your product with confidence with our new, most exciting flagship feature yet: Actions!

All the insights in the world don’t help much if you don’t act on them. Reveall’s purpose is to help product teams use their customer insights to validate product ideas and prioritize their backlogs better.

Now you can plan your next actions, validate through findings, prioritize them and send them directly to your product management tool (Jira, Monday, ClickUp, and others), all within Reveall.

Find more info on how to create Actions in [this article], or try it out yourself!

Start of June 2022

Ok, a couple of things!

New terminology

From talking to our customers, we realized that our terminology created some confusion. With many diverging views on what a data point is or should be, we renamed it to findings. Raw data is now data. This way, it should make more sense:

You upload your data, analyze it, and then you can share your findings from your data by creating Insights. Here's an image for the more visual people:

New layout

Possibly the part we're most excited about. You already had a ✨sneak peak 👀 into the new layout with the Journeys launch, and now we're rolling it out further across the platform.

Rather than having to switch from data to findings and back and forth, you can now do all of your analysing in the same place with our new drawers

Advanced Filtering

This won't sound as sexy to everyone, but when you know you know. We have also introduced more advanced search and filtering options so that you and your team can easily locate your Findings. You can now filter your Findings by Sentiment, Tag, Date or User.

May 2022

✨ You asked. We listened.✨

We’re excited to announce a major upgrade to automated transcriptions within Reveall!

We’ve partnered with the best of the best in transcription technology to deliver you the most accurate multi-language transcription service of any ux research platform in the market.

A snapshot of transcriptions within Reveall:

  • Transcribe video and audio files in 35 languages (14 in product right now, 20+ that can be added on demand)

  • Highly accurate transcriptions, even with varying accents and sound quality

  • Automatic speaker detection

  • Read along to your transcript with word-by-word timestamps

  • Edit and highlight transcripts in real time while following along with the video

  • Enterprise-grade security with secure file storage, SSL and at-rest encryption

April 2022

We've changed the limit of the video upload size - instead of 250MB, you can now upload a video of up to 800MB for transcription in your data!

March 2022

☀️ Journeys is here! ☀️ Now for the very first time you can build a dynamic, visual customer journey map in the same platform you’re collecting and analyzing your data in.

Journeys allows you to take all of your data points and insights and bring them together to visually map out your customer’s experience. Simply drag and drop the relevant data into your Journey - the Journey will automatically calculate the sentiment for each step, making it that much easier for you to spot the opportunities and ensuring you make the right, customer-led decisions for your company.

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