When creating a project in Reveall, you can add data and create findings. What is the difference?


Data is all of the unanalyzed, unprocessed data and information that belongs to your project. Think of it as the bibliography of an academic thesis: you need your conclusions to be well-founded and so you want this data to be available and to be able to reference it throughout your project, but you don't want it to be all on show.

This data then needs to be analyzed, which is when you would create data points:


Findings are key pieces of information within your data. It can be a specific response in a survey, a quote in an interview or a particular statistic in a report. Findings aren't necessarily conclusive in and of themselves, but they represent important takeaways from your customer research and feedback. This is the information that will be visible in the project, insights and share link and PDF, and will contain the reference from their data source.

You can find separate articles on how to add raw data and how to create data points here:

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