Welcome to Reveall! Reveall is designed to help you centralize data, analyze your findings from that data, validate these insights and from there prioritize your product decisions. Watch this video to get a quick overview (< 4 mins) or read on below.

Your trial environment comes pre-populated with an example project entitled 'Webshop Experience'. This is to help you navigate through the platform without having to find and upload a bunch of your own information or research. Play around with it as much as you feel like - don't worry, you won't mess anything up!

Things to pay attention to:

  1. Data! It all stands and falls with data, doesn't it? You need a lot of it, but without a clear organisation and overview it becomes an untamed forest of information that benefits no one.

    With the example project in your trial, you'll find ALL of the data to back up the insights by going to the project 'Webshop Experience', clicking 'Edit', and navigating to the 'Data' tab.
    Data can be added by writing a simple text note, uploading a PDF, video or audio file and transcribing it, or setting up a Zapier connection.

  2. Creating Findings from the data: you'll see that some of the information in the Data notes have been highlighted and turned into Findings. You can try this out, too: highlight the important pieces information in the data notes and click the highlighter button to turn it into a Finding.

  3. Add a title, sentiment, further context and adjust the tags on your Finding. This is where the analyzing gets into full swing! You want the Finding to be as clear as possible and easy to find, too. Try editing the existing example Findings too!

  4. When several Findings together help form a conclusion, you can select them all and create a new Insight. In this Insight, you can add further text to tell the story behind it and present your Findings to your colleagues or external stakeholders. You can add images, videos, quotes, links and attachments. You'll find four such examples in your trial environment: feel free to edit these or add your own!

  5. Creating a customer Journey to illustrate the experience your customers go through when using your product or services is important - it helps visualize where opportunities for improvement lie, and where you should keep up what you're doing! You'll find one example journey ready to be tinkered with in your trial environment, too!

Would you like to delete the example data that comes with your trial? That's fine! Please contact our team via the support chat bubble in the right-hand corner or via [email protected] and we'll take care of it in no time.

Support from the Reveall team

If you have any questions or would like to explore options specific to your goals and situation, you can use any one of the following ways to reach out to us:

Chat: there's a chat-bubble in the right-hand bottom corner of your screen.

Email: [email protected] will reach one of our dedicated support colleagues

Demo: if you'd like to book a demo with one of our sales associates, you can do so using this link.

Customer Success: we have a dedicated customer success team that's eager to help you achieve your goals. Contact [email protected] for more info.

Getting others on board

A company can only really be customer-led if different colleagues and teams work together to ensure the voice of the customer is heard throughout. Therefore, getting buy-in for your plans with Reveall is crucial. Our trialists generally see better results if they bring others on board at an early stage. Invite others via user management, and explore how you can share your insights.

Converting to a paid plan

If you're convinced you'd like to continue with Reveall, you can do so yourself by clicking 'Upgrade Now' in the left-hand bottom corner of your Reveall environment, or set a meeting with one of our sales associate via this link.

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