With all your data in Reveall, you'll want to be able to find connections and link specific pieces of data, findings, insights and actions together - you can do so by assigning themes!

Creating a theme and adding data to it

In the themes tab, click "+ New theme", then add a title and a description in the pop-up. Once created, clicking on the theme will act as a superfilter across the platform. Now, when you go to a different part of the platform, for example the Data tab, you'll only see Data that has this theme assigned to it. When you create a new Data note, this will automatically be a part of this Theme, too.

If you want to switch and see all Data again, simply click the small 'x' on the filter underneath your search bar and it will remove the Theme filter.

Adding existing data, findings or actions to a theme

It might be that you know already what themes you want to create in Reveall and you take it from there - however it's also possible that you've added data, findings or actions and then want to add it to an overarching theme later. Within the drawer for data, a finding or an action, you can add it to one or multiple themes at any point.

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